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Estate Valuations

Whether you are in the planning stage with the help of an adviser or attorney, or maybe in a changing stage such as marrying or having recently lost a loved one, Estate Valuations are a necessary part of financial planning and estate planning.

When you own real estate it is natural to wonder what your property is worth, especially if you have a custom home or investment properties to consider. Sometimes it may seem quite concerning for a property owner to seek an evaluation from a Realtor, many owners simply do not know how to get a formal property valuation without any pressure or sales pitch.

This is where we can help.

Working with you confidentially, a property valuation will be created including duplicate copies for your attorney, your accountant, even your executor if you so desire. Once the valuation has been completed it is reasonable to update the valuation periodically, perhaps every three to five years. While we are not attorneys, we may make suggestions about how you hold title on your property such as Tenants-in-common versus Joint-tenancy. We have helped many families save money by being properly prepared.

For a confidential consultation without one drop of sales pitch, please contact: Eileen Schmitz 360.808.0338

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