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Whether you are brand new to real estate or an experienced Realtor looking for more guidance, knowledge and a healthier, more enjoyable work environment, JACE is the place. We are truly a non-competitive, supportive company, always assisting each other in furthering our knowledge and service to our clients. JACE Real Estate enjoys the public image and perception of being the true experts in real estate, delivering the best service to our clients and just being downright fun and happy people!

New Brokers

If you are thinking of a career in real estate…

Do you like going to Realtor Open Houses
Do you love helping people
Do you spend your free time looking at real estate for sale
Are you good with paperwork and deadlines
Do you spend a little too much time watching HGTV

Wel-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l, you may be a good fit for a real estate career.  Take the survey below and submit to JACE and we’ll get back to you shortly to let you know.

Experienced Brokers

Supportive Balance of Independence & Inter-dependence
Easy Access at Either JACE Office for use of a Copiers, and Appointments with Clients, Inspectors, and Lenders.
Individual Development of Each Agent with Confidentiality
Emphasis on Education & Training
Corporate Events Designed to Reach Client Base
Company-wide Community Service Opportunities
Periodic Scheduled Discussion Groups with Topic Facilitator (Voluntary)
Cooperation Between Both JACE Locations

JACE Training

JACE surpasses the real estate licensing education requirements by a long, long, long shot! We take pride and our clients take comfort in the knowledge that our brokers are the most educated on the Olympic Peninsula Even seasoned brokers learn so much more at JACE.

We offer weekly classes and agent meetings covering these subjects (and more) in detail:

Land, Residential, Commercial and 1031 Exchange transactions
Safety and protection for our clients and brokers
How to grow your real estate business
How to best represent and serve the client

Real Estate Licensing

Rockwell Institute

JACE Real Estate partners with Rockwell Institute Real Estate Training to enable you to do your licensing coursework at a discount. More Rockwell students pass their Washington license exam on their first try than students from any other school with a 91% pass rate. Contact us to submit your resume, schedule an interview or get more information. Can’t wait to hear from you!

More Info

Real Estate Career Survey

1. Do you have time to invest for an online (or live) course of approximately 90 hours?  Yes No

2. Are you self motivated and able to attend to daily tasks without reminder? Yes No

3. Do you enjoy serving other people?  Yes No

4. Can you afford approximately $700.00 to pay for the real estate course, and to take the statewide test?  Yes No

5. Can you pass a statewide background check including fingerprints?  Yes No

6. Do you have a safe, clean automobile for transporting clients?  Yes No

7. Like opening any small business there are certain start-up costs to a real estate career, do you have the financial resources to launch a real estate career?  Yes No

8. Would you have the encouragement and support of family and friends?  Yes No

9. Are you trainable and willing to learn real estate forms, computer programs, and to work according to the Code of Ethics?  Yes No

10. Are you able to make a time and loyalty commitment to your Broker and Firm?  Yes No

11. Do you want a truly supportive, non-competitive work environment with incredible mentoring and training?  Yes No (This is one of the things we love and enjoy here at JACE. If a career in real estate is speaking to you, come join us!)

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